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Jingle Bells and Tiny Toes: Creative Ways to Announce a New Sibling during the Christmas Season

New Sibling Announcement

The holiday season is a time of joy, love, and family gatherings. If you're expecting a new bundle of joy and want to make the announcement extra special for your current little one, why not combine the magic of Christmas with the excitement of a new sibling? In this blog post, we'll explore creative and heartwarming ideas to announce your pregnancy and welcome a new baby during the festive Christmas season.

1. Christmas Stocking Surprise

Hang personalized Christmas stockings for each family member, including the new addition, and let your little one discover the baby’s stocking. Another idea is to slip a big brother or sister gift into your child's stocking. During the gift exchange, let your little one reach into their stocking to reveal the special gift.

Small Sibling Gifts that fit into a stocking:

2. Santa's Special Delivery

Create a whimsical letter from Santa announcing the upcoming arrival of a new sibling. Pair it with a small gift, such as a baby onesie or a new sibling gift, and leave it under the Christmas tree as if Santa personally delivered it. Check out our free downloadable letters here.

3. Countdown to Christmas

Incorporate a countdown advent calendar into your Christmas traditions. Each day leading up to Christmas, give your child a small gift. This could be a small toy or candy, building up the excitement until the big reveal on Christmas day. On the big reveal day, give your child a baby item or sibling gift to announce the coming sister or brother. If your reveal gift doesn't fit into the advent calendar box, simply leave a clue in the box telling your child where to find their gift. Click here to see one of our favorite advent calendars.

4. Capturing Moments with a Kids' Camera

Give your little one a special task during this journey by gifting them a kids' camera. Explain to them that their mission is to become the family's official photographer, capturing the entire journey from mom's pregnancy to the arrival of the new sibling. This not only adds an exciting and interactive element to the announcement but also instills a sense of responsibility and involvement in your child. Click here to see our favorite kids' cameras.

5. Storybook Reveal

Give your child a new sibling book or create a custom storybook that tells the tale of a new sibling joining the family. Read the story together as a family on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. This heartwarming approach allows your child to feel involved in the narrative and introduces the concept of a new brother or sister in a magical way. One of our favorite picks for this occasion is You're the Biggest.

6. Ornament Announcement

Give your child a special Christmas ornament that signifies the arrival of the new baby. Give them the ornament as a Christmas gift, or hang it on the tree and wait for your little one to notice. You can even customize the ornament with a sweet message like "Promoted to Big [Brother or Sister]” or “Future Big [Brother or Sister]." Check out our new sibling ornaments here.

7. Gift-Wrapped Sonogram

Gift-wrap a framed sonogram image and place it under the tree with a tag that says "To [Sibling's Name], Love, Baby." As your child unwraps this special gift, explain that this beautifully wrapped frame contains the very first portrait of their soon-to-arrive baby sister or brother. Watch the surprise and joy unfold on their face as they grasp the significance of becoming a big brother or sister. Click here for a fun and simple frame with a weekly countdown.

8. Scavenger Hunt Surprise

Transform the baby announcement into an exciting adventure with a scavenger hunt. Hide clues, guiding your child through a joyous journey. The final clue reveals the treasure—news of their soon-to-arrive brother or sister. This playful approach lets your child actively engage in the celebration, creating cherished memories as you share the wonderful news. Learn more here.

9. Family Puzzle Announcement

Design a custom jigsaw puzzle featuring a special message for the new sibling. As a family activity, gather around to solve the puzzle together. This creates a heartwarming and interactive way to announce the upcoming arrival.

New sibling puzzles:

10. Sibling-to-Be Gift

Wrap a special gift for your little one with a tag that says, "To my amazing [Big Brother/Big Sister]-to-Be." Choose a thoughtful item, such as a custom T-shirt with a cute sibling-related message or a sibling-themed storybook. During a family gift exchange or as a surprise under the tree, present this gift to your child. Not only does it serve as a sweet memento, but it also allows your little one to proudly wear or use their new item, making them feel cherished and involved in the excitement of welcoming the new sibling.

Click the links below to see a list of our favorite Big Sister and Big Brother gift ideas:


Welcoming a new baby during the Christmas season is a magical experience, and there are countless creative ways to share the news with your existing little one. Whether it's through thoughtful gifts, festive decorations, or heartwarming traditions, these ideas will make the holiday season even more special as your family grows. Embrace the joy, create lasting memories, and celebrate the gift of new life during the most wonderful time of the year.


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