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30 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Joy of Giving
for Baby, Mom-to-be & Dad-to-be

Are you looking for a thoughtful or unique baby gift? Below we've included our favorite baby keepsake gifts, personalized baby gifts, and gifts for the parents-to-be! 

Note: This page may contain affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for us to earn a small commission. This does not impact what you pay but it helps support our work in providing you helpful information and recommendations.

The Basics

Everyone loves giving baby clothes! However, parents typically receive a lot of newborn clothes and babies outgrow clothes really fast. If you want to give clothes, consider giving practical clothing such as pajamas or onesies in larger sizes (6-12 months). Sleepsacks also make a great gift.

Bathtime Essentials

Bathtime essentials are great for making a gift set. Just add some baby soap, baby shampoo, and bath toys to complete the set. 

Storytime Favorites

Help start the new little one's first library with these adorable books and coordinating stuffed animals. To make it personal, choose a favorite book from your childhood to give as a gift.

Sharing Milestones 

Give a gift that will help the mom-to-be track and share their little one's milestones. 

Keeping Organized

Along with the baby comes a lot of stuff. Help the mom-to-be keep it all organized. 

Gifts For Mom

Show the mom-to-be some love with a gift for her. It can be a keepsake such as a necklace, something practical like reusable breast pads, or just something fun like a water bottle or socks.

Keepsake Gifts

Help the mom-to-be keep track of special and important moments.

Personalized Favorites

Make it personal by giving a gift with the baby's name. 

Gifts for Dad

Dads often get left out when it comes to baby showers. Below are some gifts that include him!

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