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Ways to Involve Your Child in the Baby's Arrival

Bringing home a new baby is a whirlwind of excitement (and maybe a little nervousness) for everyone involved, especially your little one! While they might not fully grasp the concept of a new sibling just yet, getting them involved in the preparations can ease the transition and build anticipation. Below are some fun ways to turn your child from a bystander to a big helper as you welcome your newest family member!

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Decorating the Nursery

  • Picking a Theme: Let your child help choose a color scheme or a cute nursery theme (animals, superheroes, adventure, floral—the sky's the limit!). You can even have them help make simple decorations based on their choice.

  • Adding their own artwork: Give them a small box filled with safe, baby-friendly crafting materials like colorful felt or construction paper. They can create their own artwork to hang on the walls (supervised, of course!)

  • Special stuffy or toy: Let your child pick out a special stuffed animal or small toy and have them place it in a special spot in the nursery. This creates a sense of ownership and nurturing for the new arrival.

Building the Wardrobe

  • "Big Sibling Approved" Outfits: Take your child on a shopping trip (or browse online together!) and let them pick out a few outfits for the baby. It can be anything from a cute onesie to a cozy hat. Their choices will make them feel included and important.

  • Matching Madness: Let your child pick out an outfit for themself that "matches" the baby's outfit they chose. This fosters a sense of connection and being a team.

  • The "Big Sibling" Drawer: Dedicate a drawer in the baby's dresser or closet to store the outfits your child picked. Label it "Big Sibling Picks" to personalize their contribution.

Beyond Decorations and Clothes

  • Story Time for Two: Pick out some age-appropriate children's books about becoming a big brother or sister. Read them together and discuss what the books tell them about welcoming a new baby.

  • "Helping Hands" Chart: Create a simple chart with pictures representing tasks your child can "help" with, like picking out a new diaper or singing a lullaby to the baby (with your guidance, of course).

  • Countdown Chain Fun: Make a paper chain with a link for each day until the due date. Let your child tear off a link every day; they'll love seeing the chain get shorter!

  • Choosing a Name: If you haven't settled on a name yet, try brainstorming together. Include your older child in suggesting and discussing potential names for the baby. Make sure to frame it positively even if you don't end up using their ideas.

  • Baby Movement: When the baby starts kicking, let your older child feel the movements, too. Explain in a fun way what the baby is doing.

  • Pregnancy Reveal Photoshoot: Have your older child assist in your baby reveal. Maybe they get to hold a cute picture frame or prop.

  • Special Trips: Take them along on any exciting baby prep trips, like the doctor for an ultrasound or to pick out a special baby item at the store.

  • "Just for You" Basket: Put together a gift basket with special treats and activities just for your older child. Explain that you're celebrating them for being such awesome a big brother or sister.


Remember these simple tips to make the experience positive for everyone:

  • Keep it Age-Appropriate: Tailor your activities to your child's age and development.

  • Focus on Fun: Make sure these activities are enjoyable for everyone involved.

  • Let Them Take the Lead: Give them choices and encourage their creativity within safe boundaries.

By involving your child in the preparations for the new baby, you're not just creating a welcoming space; you're building excitement, fostering a sense of responsibility, and laying the foundation for a strong sibling bond.


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