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Surprise! How to Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

Finding out you're pregnant is one of the most exciting moments in life. Of course, you want to share the incredible news with your husband in a way that's both special and unforgettable. Whether you want a grand reveal or a sweet and intimate surprise, here are some amazing ideas to make the announcement extra special.

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Cute and Thoughtful Keepsakes

  • Onesie: Purchase a cute baby onesie with a clever message, such as "Daddy's New Sidekick," "Hi Daddy," or "Player 3 Has Entered the Game." Leave it folded on his pillow or hang it in his closet, where he'll be sure to see it.

  • Card: Whether you like heartfelt sentiments or a dash of humor, the perfect card can say it all. Tuck it into his briefcase or leave it alongside his morning coffee.

  • Mug: Gift him a mug or tumbler proclaiming "World's Best Dad" or "Promoted to Daddy." The message will sink in with his first sip!

  • Hat: A baseball cap or beanie with "Dad" or "Dad Est. [Year]" is a subtle yet adorable way to announce the news.

Involving the Whole Family

  • Furry Announcement Assistant: If you have a dog or cat, dress them in a cute bandana or shirt that says "Big Brother," "Big Sister," or "Baby Security in Training." Your husband's heart will melt at the sight!

  • Share the Spotlight with Siblings: If this isn't your first baby, get your older child(ren) involved. Have them wear a "Big Brother/Sister" shirt or give their Dad a drawing announcing the new addition.

Fun and Creative Surprises

  • Gift Wrap It: Wrap the positive pregnancy test in a cute box with a ribbon. The anticipation will be worth it!

  • Dad Shirt: Order a t-shirt with a message like "Dad Loading...," "My Greatest Adventure Begins," or "Promoted to Daddy."

  • Scratch It Off: Scratch-off cards are a playful way to share the news. You can find fun ones on Amazon.

  • Booties: Leave a pair of adorable baby booties where he'll easily find them.

  • Balloon Surprise: Fill a box with balloons that say "Baby" and let the joy float out when he opens it.

Unique and Unforgettable

  • Proposal 2.0: "Will you be my baby's daddy?" Plan a special pregnancy announcement proposal – maybe at the place where you got engaged or on a romantic getaway.

  • Sweet Tooth Surprise: Bake (or order) delicious cookies with messages like "We're Preggo" or "Eating for Two," or cookies in the shapes of baby items.

  • Puzzle It Out: Find a puzzle with a cute baby-themed image or a sweet message like the one below.

  • Countdown to Baby: Gift a countdown calendar that highlights how many weeks or days remain until your due date.

  • Game Night Twist:  Play a baby version of charades or trivia. Act out baby-related words and phrases for a fun and hilarious way to reveal the big news or put your knowledge of all things baby to the test with a trivia game that drops subtle (or not so subtle) hints about your pregnancy.

Other Heartfelt (or Hilarious) Options

  • Dinner for Three: Set an extra place at the dinner table with a tiny plate, silverware, and a note sharing the big news.

  • Baby Food Feast: Serve him a playful dinner of baby foods. Either serve actual baby food or themed baby foods such as baby carrots, baby back ribs, etc. (just make sure you have something yummy ready for afterwards!)

  • Dad Joke Overload: If your guy loves cheesy humor, bombard him with every terrible dad joke you can find. It'll click eventually! Alternatively, gift him a dad joke book.

  • Just the Facts: If you're not into surprises, sometimes the most special way is to simply tell him and share the joy together.

Remember, It's Your Moment

The most important thing is choosing a method that feels right for YOU. Make it personal, make it fun, and enjoy this incredibly special milestone in your lives! And finally, congratulations!


See my complete list of must-haves for the perfect announcement here! 🎁


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