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Joy of Being a Big Sister

New Big Sister Gifts

Celebrate the soon-to-be big sister or new big sister with our top big sister gift ideas!

Big Sister Gifts

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Big Sister Book

I Am a Big Sister by Caroline Jayne Church is a sweet story explaining the new role of a new big sister. It is a perfect story to prepare the new big sister for the upcoming changes in her family and to remind her that she is still special.  This is just one of the many wonderful big sister books. Click here to shop more big sister books.


I am Big Sister Activity and Coloring Book
Big Sister Activity and Coloring Book

Explore the role of a big sister and the excitement of a new baby with this adorable 3-in-1 big sister book. It includes stories from the big sisters, big sister coloring pages, and a variety of fun activities. This book is the perfect gift for 2 to 6-year-old big sisters!

Big Sister Shirt

Olive Loves Apple has a full line of cute big sister shirts! Check out their store here.  

Heart Necklace on Box (1).png
Big Sister Necklace

Check out Collected Joys' Etsy Shop for our newest line of adorable Big Sister Necklaces! We'll be adding more options soon!

Big Sister Plush

Stuffed animals are a classic and timeless gift. The new sister will love snuggling with her new plush!

New Baby Doll

The big sister will love taking care of her new little baby when mom and dad are taking care of her new little sister or brother.

Drawing Pad

Keep the new big sister busy with this fun drawing pad!  

Penguin Mockup (1).png
Big Sister Ornaments

Celebrate the season with a keepsake Big Sister Ornament from Collected Joys!

Big Sister Bracelet

A big sister bracelet is a perfect gift for little girls who love jewelry. This bracelet will remind her how special she is and how special her new role is.

Bunny Tote Bag Primary Image.png
Big Sister Tote Bag

Check out Collected Joys' adorable Big Sister Tote Bags. You can purchase them directly through our online store or our Etsy shop.

Matching Sibling Outfit

Matching outfits are great for a pregnancy announcement or as a combo gift for the new big sister and baby. 

Kid-friendly Camera

Let the big sister have fun snapping pictures of the new little one and her adventures as a new big sister!

Big Sister Blanket

Check out Collected Joys' Big Sister blankets. We also have a little sister matching blanket.

Blanket Mockups (2).png
Big Sister Water Bottle

Looking for a practical big sister gift? Check out this cute big sister water bottle. 

More of our Favorite Big Sister Gifts!

Big Sister Picture Frame

Big Sister Hat

Big Sister Sweatshirt

Big Sister Teddy Bear

Big Sister Sash and Crown

Big Sister Backpack with Stuffed Animal

Big Sister Stroller and Doll

Art Set for the Big Sister

Castle Magnetic Tiles

Find all of our Favorite Big Sister Gifts on our Amazon Storefront!

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