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Baby Shower

Succulent Favors

Succulents make such an adorable baby shower favor, wedding favor, or thank you gift. Plus, they are fun and easy to make. Just follow the steps below for inspiration and easy DIY instructions!

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Find your Inspiration

Below are some of my favorite Pins from Pinterest to inspire you! Please click on the image to view the image credits. 

1. Select Your Succulents

Visit your local nursery or yes, you can even order succulents online. Find the variety and pack size that fits your occasion. Below are a few of my favorite varieties from Amazon. Just click on the images to see more buying options.



Our Pick - Cal Farms Succulents

The Cal Farms Succulents are my favorite succulents from Amazon. They are beautiful, well priced, and highly reviewed. After comparing the prices with my local nursery, these succulents were about half the price. Of course, prices do vary by area and your local nursery may not be as expensive as mine. Be sure to look through the photos in reviews for more inspiration.

Plant for Pets Succulents

The Plants for Pets Succulents are also a beautiful variety of succulents that are highly rated by reviewers. 

San Diego Miniature Succulents

These San Diego Miniature Succulents are a gorgeous option. I love the variety you receive and how decorative they look. 



Costa Farms Mini Succulent Favor Kit

This complete party favor kit includes mini succulents in burlap covered pots, mesh carrying bags, and personalized message cards.

2. Select your Container or Wrap

Select a container that fits your theme and style. You can go as simple as wrapping your succulent in paper or burlap, or you can place your succulent into a glass, clay, ceramic, or metal container. They are all adorable so the choice is yours! Just make sure that the container is larger than the size of your succulents. The succulents above are 2 to 2.5 inches in size.


Also, note that it is not recommended to keep succulents in a container that does not have a drain hole. While mason jars, for example, might be a really cute option and aren't as messy while transporting, they might not be the best option to properly care for the succulent in the long term. With that said though, I do have a succulent in a small jar and it has done just fine, but I am very careful about not overwatering it. 

My Choice - Ceramic Pots

For my favors, I used these white mini 3.15 inch ceramic pots. They were the perfect size for the 2 inch Cal Farms Succulents and were beautifully made.

Terracotta Clay Pots

Terracotta clay pots are a great option because you can either leave them their natural color or you can paint them to match your theme. Visit our Pinterest board for posts on how to paint or age your pots.

Mini Metal Buckets

Mini metal buckets are also a cute option. Finish off the bucket with some twine and you are done.

*Most buckets do not have a drain hole which is not recommended because of potential over watering. Some users have drilled their own drain hole in the buckets. Others have kept the succulent in the original packaging and just placed it in the bucket. This makes it easy for the guest to replant the succulent if they choose to do so. 

Paper or Burlap Wrap

Instead of a container, wrap your succulent in paper or burlap. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: For a 3-inch succulent, cut a 7-inch x 7-inch square piece of paper or burlap.

Step 2: Place your succulent in the middle of your cut piece and fold the edges up, one at a time.

Step 3: Secure with a piece of twine.

Watch this video for a visual.

Some of our other favorite options:
3. Additional Supplies

Depending on the size of your succulent and container, you may need some additional soil or rocks to finish it. 

My Choice - xGarden Premium Cactus Soil Mix

Although our local nursery and hardware store carried Miracle-Gro Cactus Potting Soil and it was cheaper than the xGarden Premium Cactus Soil Mix, I decided to go with the xGarden Premium Cactus Soil Mix based on the reviews of both mixes. It worked great. I needed about 1/4 to 1/2 cup of soil for each succulent. This bag contains 32 cups so you'll have plenty for other potting projects.

4. Putting it All Together

Once you have all your supplies bought, it is time to put your succulent favors together! Below are the supplies and steps I took to create my succulent favors.

Supplies for Succulent Baby Shower Favors

Summary of Supplies:

Purchased Items:

1. Cal Farms 2 inch Succulents

2. ZOUTOG White Mini 3.15 inch Ceramic Pots

3. xGarden Premium Cactus Soil Mix

Items used to re-pot the succulents:

1. A small measuring cup - A small shovel or spoon would work great as well. 

2. A spray bottle to moisten the soil. 

3. A small brush to loosen excess soil.

Add some soil to your container

If you are going to plant your succulents in another pot, read the instructions that come with your succulents (if provided). Generally, they will recommend placing some soil or rocks in the bottom of the pot and then add a little water to the bottom of the container to keep your succulent moist.

I used a 1/4 cup measuring cup to scoop the dirt and pour into the ceramic container. I left a thin layer on the bottom and pushed some on to the sides. Then, using a small spray bottle, I sprayed the soil with water - just enough to make the soil moist. 

Potting the Succulent Baby Shower Favors
DIY Succulent Baby Shower Favors

Place your succulent in your container

Place your succulent in the container and gently press the succulent and soil down. Make sure that the soil is below the top of your container. If it is too high, take your succulent out of the container and remove some of the soil at the bottom of your container. Once the succulent is in the container, your can take the end of the measuring spoon to press down the soil on the sides. 

Add more soil to fill the container

Gently pour more soil or rocks around the sides as needed. Again, you can use the end of your measuring cup or a spoon, to lightly press down the soil. Don't pack the soil too tightly but just enough to fill the container.

Packing Dirt in Succulent Pot
Adding dirt to the DIY Succulent Favor
Water for Succulent Baby Shower Favor
Finished Succulent Baby Shower Favor

Water and remove excess dirt

Once done re-potting, I sprayed the succulent and container with a water bottle over the sink which removed most of the loose dirt as well as watered the succulent. I also used a small brush to remove any soil stuck between the leaves. Then, I wiped the container down with a with a towel.

5. Add a Thank You or Saying

As a special touch, add a thank you tag or a cute saying such Baby in BloomWatch Me Grow or Let Love Grow. You can either make your own tags or purchase premade tags or flags from Amazon, Etsy, or other stores.

6. Display Options

Display your succulent favors on a table, shelf, old ladder, or even mixed in with your decor. You can also display a sign with a thank you and cute saying.

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