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How to Select the Best Registry

When selecting a registry, consider the questions below to help you determine the best one for you!

How to select best registry


1. Is their registry easy to use?

Make sure the retailer's registry and online site are easy for your guest to use. With so many shoppers using mobile devices, you'll also want to make sure their registry is easy to use mobile devices.


2. What is their range of products and price points?

Pottery Barn Kids, for example, has a great registry but they don't carry the range of products like Amazon or Target do and their products have a higher price point. Consider what you actually need and what you are comfortable asking your friends and family to spend. 


3. Do they have a Brick and Mortar location or just online?

Consider if your family and friends would prefer to buy a gift at a store where they can see and feel the product versus ordering it online.  However, online purchasing is great for family and friends that do not live close and would prefer to ship a gift directly from the retailer.


4. What are their shipping costs?

As mentioned above, if you have friends and family that prefer to ship your gifts from the retailer, it is important to consider the shipping cost. 


5. What is their completion discount?

The completion discount is the discount you will receive to purchase any remaining items on your registry after the baby is born. 


6. What is their return policy?

You may receive duplicate items, items not needed, or maybe items that aren't the right size, etc. Returning to a store may be easier than shipping back to an online retailer. Also, consider how long their return policy is. 


7. Do they offer a universal registry/multi-site flexibility?

Multi-site flexibility is the option to add items from other retailers onto the list. For example, if you have an Amazon baby registry, you can add items from all over the web to the registry in addition to any Amazon items. In my opinion, this is a great feature! If I want to add few items from another retailer such as Etsy but don't want to actually set up a registry with them or they don't offer a registry, you can just add it to an existing registry using the multi-site option.


Comparison of the

Top Baby Registries

It is time to set up your registry! How exciting but which registry should you use? Use the table below to compare 3 of the popular Baby Registries.

*This information was updated 7/23/2018. It is subject to change at any time at the company's discretion. Please check the companies' sites to find up-to-date information.  

Registry Tips and recommendations

Our Tips & Recommnedations

We registered at Target and Amazon. Target offered a great selection and my family and friends could go to one of their stores and shop. It was also much easier to return an item to a Target store than to have to ship an item back to an online retailer. 


Amazon offered very competitive pricing and they had a huge selection. We put our larger ticket items on our Amazon registry. Even though we didn't expect our family or friends to purchase them, we wanted to take advantage of the completion discount on those items.


Instead of setting up multiple registries like us, you may want to consider using registries with the multi-store functionality which allows you to add items from other retailers across the web to your current registry. We weren't aware of this option at the time we set up our registry but it would have nice to just have one registry. 

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