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How to Select the Best

Baby Registry

How to select best registry

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When selecting a registry, consider the questions below to help you determine the best one for you!

Is the registry easy to use?

Make sure the retailer's registry and online site are easy for your guests to navigate. Given the prevalence of mobile device usage, ensure that their registry is also mobile-friendly.

What is their range of products and price points?

For instance, while Pottery Barn Kids offers a strong registry, it may not match the extensive product range and affordability of Amazon or Target. Assess your genuine needs and what you're comfortable requesting your friends and family to invest in.

Do they have a brick and mortar location or just online?

Consider whether your friends and family might prefer purchasing gifts from a physical store where they can interact with the products, as opposed to online shopping. Nonetheless, online purchases are convenient for distant relatives and friends who prefer direct shipping.

What are their shipping costs?

As mentioned earlier, factoring in shipping costs is crucial when accommodating those who wish to ship gifts directly from the retailer.

What is their completion discount?

The completion discount pertains to the post-birth period, offering a discount on purchasing any remaining items from your registry.

What is their return policy?

Account for the possibility of receiving duplicates, unneeded items, or products of incorrect sizes. In some cases, returning items to a physical store might be simpler than shipping back to an online retailer. Also, take note of the duration of their return policy.

Do they offer a universal registry/multi-site flexibility?

Multi-site flexibility is the valuable capability to incorporate items from various retailers onto a single list. For instance, with an Amazon baby registry, you can conveniently add items from diverse online sources alongside Amazon offerings. This feature is particularly handy for including items from retailers without their own registry systems, obviating the need to establish multiple registries.

Do they offer group gifting and contribution options? 

Check if the registry allows multiple guests to contribute towards a larger gift or collectively purchase pricier items. This can make it easier for guests to contribute to special items and provide more flexibility in gifting.


Comparison of our
Favorite Baby Registries

It is time to set up your registry! How exciting but which registry should you use? Use the table below to compare 3 popular Baby Registries.

*This information was updated August 2023. It is subject to change at any time at the company's discretion. Please check the companies' sites to find up-to-date information.  

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