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As a momma of two boys, I know how exciting yet overwhelming it is to be a mom. Motherhood brings so many joys from the joy of expecting a little one, to the joy of celebrating their arrival, to the joy of watching them grow up. My hope is to provide information here that will help you as you navigate through this joyous journey! 

Preparing for Baby

Joy of Expecting

Baby Gear Checklist

Take the guesswork out of what you really need for your little one with our Baby Gear Guide and Checklist. We'll walk you through all the baby essentials and nice-to-haves along with product recommendations.

Hospital Bag Checklist

Trying to figure out what to pack in your hospital bag? Let us help you! Our comprehensive list includes essentials and nice-to-haves for baby, mom, and dad.  

Baby Registry Tips

How do you decide which baby registry is the best for you? Let us help by giving you a comparison of the top baby registries along with helpful tips and recommendations!

Preparing your Home for Baby

Create a safer, less-toxic home for you and your baby with our favorite safe cleaning products, home product alternatives, baby-friendly laundry products, and more! 

Hosting a Baby Shower

Joy of Celebrating

Baby Shower Planning Checklist

Are you planning to host a Baby Shower? Read through our Baby Shower Planning Checklist for helpful tips to create a beautiful baby shower. 

Baby Shower Favors

20 fun and cute baby shower favors that your guest will be sure to love and will fit any budget. 

Succulent Baby Shower Favors

7 easy DIY steps to create your own beautiful succulent baby shower favors.

Baby Shower Games

Make your baby shower fun and exciting with these 10 entertaining games! 

Baby Gifts

30 thoughtful gifts for baby and the parents-to-be. 

Baby Shower Guest Books

Check out our new collection of Baby Shower Guest Books!

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