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Baby Sleep Essentials

Make sure your baby sleeps soundly and safely with the right baby sleep essentials. Visit our Nursery Furniture and Decor page to see our favorite cribs. 

Baby Bath Time Essentials

Bath time can be so much fun yet challenging with a little squirming baby.  Make bath time easier and safier with these bath time essentials.


Baby Clothing

Shopping for baby clothes is so much fun. There are so many cute baby outfits!  Below are just a few recommended basic items to get started.



Somedays you'll feel like all you did is change diapers all day. Having a well organized and safe place to change your baby as well as the right diapers will make diaper duty so much easier. 

Baby Care

As a new parent, you need to be prepared to soothe your baby, to take care of their grooming needs, and also to comfort them when they don't feel well.


Feeding essentials will depend on if you are going to be breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or a mix of both. Below are some of the basics to get started.


On the Go

Getting out of the house with a baby can be a challenge. Having the right gear can make it much easier though!



Babies are exceptional at creating never-ending piles of laundry. Be prepared with products that will protect your baby's sensitive skin and keep their clothes looking new.


Other Baby Items

Browse some other items that we highly recommend.


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